Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Yuki
Nicknames: Cheeken
Breed:American short hair
Parentage: Sadly unknown, though the pet shop said one parent might have been a Siamese
Characteristics: Pure vanilla white fur, one blue eye (shine red in light) and one yellow eye (shines green in light)
Birthday: September, 1995
Personality: Prefers to be away from other cats, though lovable towards people, meows to be petted, not a lap cat, afraid of being picked up
Favorite Food: Cat food, cheese, chicken

Yuki was the first cat in a long time and was born in early September of 1995, making her cat number three! Just before I moved in with Jason, he got her as a five week old kitten with her wiskers still clipped, which was way too young to be away from her mother. She came from a nice pet shop in Lake Forest (I used to sell my mice there), which has since been converted into a fish only pet shop. Yuki means Snow in Japanese, which fits perfectly, since Yuki is pure white and has very unusual eyes, with one being blue and the other yellow, they shine red and green when light reflects off of them. She's got small paws and stocky body, with a roundish face and short snout like an American short hair cat, but we are not sure what her true heritage is. Yuki had a twin brother, which Jason still wishes he could have gotten also, but the poor kitten wouldn't have fit in to our household full of females. Yuki's voice, it seems never really developed properly, cause the sounds she makes resemble screeches rather than meows. She wasn't handled enough by people prior to us getting her so she grew up a bit skittish; we call her our little white chicken. We can't hold her or anything, but she loves to be petted and actually comes up to me and screeches at me till I pet her. When Jason braught her home, Twinki adpoted her as her own kitten, teaching her how to wrestle, even Sushi taught her a few things. Yuki grew up to be an independant cat, who doesn't like to be bothered by the other cats and will on occasion bully them for no reason.

We braught Yuki home in late October, 1995, but this is her in December of 1997.
For some reason I can't find any earlier photos of her.

Most recent photo of Yuki, April, 2004

This is the only page of Yuki, more coming soon

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