Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Sushi
Nicknames: Sush, Sushicat, Cat From Hell
Breed: Traditional Lynx point Siamese mix
Parentage: Mother was a possibly a Calico, Father a traditional seal point Siamese
Characteristics: Brown striped points, except for one hind paw, which was orange and white, body beigh with pure white underside, big blue eyes
Birthday: Februray 6th, 1987 - May 5th, 2004
Personality: very talkative musical meow, drank from faucet, hated other cats and other people, relentless, demanding, playful, loved to sleep next to my head
Favorite Food: Cat food, catnip

Sushi was born on February 6th, 1987 and was my very first cat. I wanted a cat that kind of looked like a friend's cat, Placido, which was basicly half Siamese, half alley cat, which looked like a Lynx Point Siamese with stripped points. After searching high and low for several months, I finally found her as tiny 8 week old kitten in a run down pet shop in Carson, California (torn down since then) in March of 1987. She also had a sister, which I've always regreted not buying also. Sushi and I traveled to Minnesota by car 3 years later and then back to California 3 years after that. Sushi had the attitude of a true California girl, not really mean, but a very indipendant cat that wouldn't let any of the other cats boss her around. She was very talkative and always let me know when she wanted something with her beautiful and loud melodious voice. She also purred all the time, even when she ate, which caused her upchuck at times. Her favorite thing to do was drink from the bathroom faucet, while I cupped my hands for her to drink. She loved to sleep next to my head at night or on my hip on cold nights. We've been together a long time. Then on May 7th, 2004, it was her time to go. Rest in peace my sweet Sushi; I miss you terribly...

Sushi, on the patio, most likely watching pidgeons, around the time we braught her home,
the second week of May, 1987.

This is the last photo I took of Sushi before she left us. April, 2004.

This is the only page of Sushi, more coming soon

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