Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Kimchi
Nicknames: Kimchihuahua, Kimi, Kim, Precious, Mink Fur, Dark One, Cat From Hell
Breed: Classic Seal Point Siamese mix
Parentage: Mother was a blue point Siamese, Father possibley a black Maine Coon
Characteristics: short very soft thick fur, dark almost black points and dark body with barely visble shadow stripes, severe crook in tip of thick powerful tail, big blue eyes, petite and delicate looking, very long legs, tall & thin
Birthday: April Fool's Day, 2002
Personality: super genius, ultra curious, moody, lovable when wants to be, outgoing, loves people, spits food around when eats, demanding, relentless, can make sounds like a fire engine among other things
Favorite Food: Tuna flavored cat food, cheddar cheese, ice cream, french fries, buscuits, meat, potoato chips, donuts, anything with salad dressing on it, etc, etc, etc...

Kimchi is Mochi's little sister; they are just 9 months apart, have the same parents, yet they are as different as night and day! My young customer had just graduated from highschool when his family fell apart. He didn't want his mother to take Kimchi, due to the fact that the woman was unstable and personally I doubt that she would have been able to handle her. Kimchi was born on April 1st, 2002 and we braught her home the day before Independance Day. She looked like the noraml short hair Siamese with softest mink-like fur, that was white with almost black points. Kittens normally have that innocent clueless look on their faces, but not her, she looke like a tiny adult and practicly took over our household the day she arrived. Kimchi is the smartest, most active cat on the planet! She is also the cat from hell! Her favorite activaty is playing fetch like a dog. She brings a toy and I better throw it for her right then and there or she will claw my leg, my chair or rip holes in my shirt! Of course she will bring the toy back and I throw it for her over and over again until she gets tired. The whole house, it seems is a cat toy to her and it's surprising sometimes what she brings as a toy to be fetched. Kimi, as we sometimes call her, grew up to be a beautiful, tall, yet petite, Seal Point Siamese, with a crook in the tip of her tail, where the joints are fused at a 90 degree angle (crooks are a common Siamese trait). Whenever we have a guest, she always welcomes them and of course demands a game of fetch. She loves potato chips, bisquits and ice cream among other things and will even eat from a fork until she's had her fill. And to think I almost got a Chihuahua dog that year! But I have my little Kimchihuahua!!!

Kimchi, probably on the day that I braught her home, July 3rd, 2002.

Most recent photo of Kimchi, April, 2004

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