Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Mochi
Nicknames: Moch, Mochke, Mocha, Fluffy, Chocolate Fox, Catzilla, Cluless (pronounced Cloolay), Clulette, Familiar
Breed: Traditional Seal Point Balinese mix (basicly a long hair Siamese)
Parentage: Mother was a blue point Siamese, Father possibley a black Maine Coon
Characteristics: Chocolate to dark brown points with chocolate brown back and creamy coffee colour underneath, ultra soft and whispy fur that is 6" long in places, 6" long snow white whiskers, long thin fluffy delicate tail, big blue eyes, Huge and heavy but not fat, big boned, very long legs, teeny tiny meow, only talks when deams necessary, huge vampire like fangs
Birthday: Late July, 2001
Personality: somewhat clueless and selfish, but knows what she want, a lovable throw rug, loves to cuddle in bed with me and with other cats, afraid of strangers, very delicate eater, lap kitty
Favorite Food: Cat food, meat, flavored potato chips

Mochi came to us by accident. It was 6 years since we got Yuki and I really wanted another cat, but we needed to move into a larger place first. But one of my young customers at our then shop, Darkharbor Games, had an extra kitten that they couldn't find a home for that his blue point Siamese cat had two months earlier. So along came Mochi (fluffy rice cake), born in July of 2001. She was so tiny somewhat fluffy with the longest whiskers. Mochi is part Balinese, part Siamese and her fur was mostly white with chocolate brown points. As she grew, her fur got daker and the choclaty points spread, like in most colour point cats. As a kitten, Mochi would love to jump on the bed and cuddle up with me or Jason, we used to caller Catzilla because of the way she would slowly walk on us, little did we know that this lovable adorable cat would grow to be huge, she is quite tall at the shoulders, she has large paws and ways a ton. Mochi always has to have me in her field of vision and either sleeps draped around my waste at night or up against my legs. Her fur is now close to 6" long in places and she is my baby cat with tiny meow and so sweet and lovable. She loves to cuddle with and wash Twinki.

Mochi, probably on the day that I braught her home on September 22nd, 2001.

Most recent photo of Mochi, April, 2004

This is the only page of Mochi, more coming soon

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