Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Suki
Nicknames: Silky, Princess, Mini Fluff, Beeper
Breed: Classic Seal Point Siamese/Balanese mix
Parentage: Unknown
Characteristics: Dark grey to brown points, creamy white to beigh body, stripes on forhead, white stripe from base of neck getting darker all the way to tip of tail, long fine silky coat, petite and delicate, smaller than average, wide eyed, large crystal blue almost white eyes, unusually long tail, 3 fused digits in tip of tail, vry slight crook
Birthday: September, 2003
Personality: Acts adorably cute, very talkative musical meow, very playful, afraid of strangers, lap kitty, curious, outgoing, loves people, relentless, stands with one paw up, beeps noses
Favorite Food: Cat food, cheese, ice cream, meat, egg

Kimchi was very active and going totally nuts cause none of the other cats would play with her (they just couldn't keep up with her!) So we decided to get her her own kitten; a playmate, that we hoped would help calm her down. So after seeing a programme on TV about Animal Shelter adoptions, I called the local one here in Mission Viejo. I was told that there was a tiny 3-week old "Himalayan" kitten in foster care that will be available in a couple of months and to check back. September is definatly not kitten season, plus colour-point cats are in great demand that my chances of getting this one were practicly zilch. But, it doesn't hurt to try, so I kept calling over the folowing months until one day they told me that she had arrived. I filled out my application without even a social visit with the kitten, which was a big gamble and lo and behold, the next day they called me to come pick her up! I was totally stunned, as there were many applications submitted! Suki turned out to be another Balinese and not a Himalayan at all, with a long narrow face, beautiful silky long beige coat and the darkest gray points. She turned out to be so lovable and so playful, that she is able to keep up with and play with Kimchi. Though, not as smart as Kimchi, she is very trusting and loves to eat as much as she does. Suki automaticlly bonded with Kimi and later with Twinki, though her favorite thing is a cuddle/wash session with Twinki. Suki will sometimes sleep on me like Mochi does, but prefers to sleep either alone on my rocking chair or with Twinki. Oh and she has turned into another morning alarm clock; standing on me, meowing sweetly and if I don't get up right away, she starts to pounce on me and run accross me, like I am some trampoline or something!

Suki, not too long after we braught her home from the Humane Society on November 5th, 2003.

Most recent photo of Suki April, 2004

This is the only page of Suki, more coming soon

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