Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!Just when you thaught it was safe to go back inside... CATS!

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Name: Twinki
Nicknames: Twink, Sunshine, Lizard
Breed: Traditional Cream Tortie Point Siamese
Parentage: Mother was a traditional blue point Siamese and Father was a Traditional Flame point Siamese
Characteristics: Random light grey and light orange points, white underside, wide eyed with larger than average black pupils, large blue eyes
Birthday: September, 1988 - February 6th, 2007
Personality: Very lovable, very talkative, meow sounds like low moaning, shreds paper when hungry, used to be afraid of strangers, very much a lap kitty, curious, sweet & shy, relentless and demanding, loves wet hair, loves cuddling with other cats and to be wash by other cats
Favorite Food: Cat food, American & cheddar cheese, melted ice cream from my coffee, meat, dairy products

Twinki was born in September of 1988. I wanted a second cat to keep Sushi company, not that Sushi needed or wanted company, but I wanted a second cat. Though they were friends at first, their friendship detriorated completly a few years later, when the unspayed Sushi had a hormone overload. I found Twinki at the Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota all alone in a too small cage. She was a very thin 9 month old Cream Point Siamese (one parent was a blue point and the other was a flame point). She was returned by someone who claimed that they couldn't afford to spay her and spaying was the policy for adopting a cat. I used to call her Lizard, cause she was so thin, but once I got her home, she started to eat and is a bit on the plump side; she's my squeezably soft Twinki-bear and is known as the world's cutest kitty! Twinki seems to have enough fur on her to make two more cats and has big round soulful eyes, that makes me want to pick her up and hug her, which of course she loves. Twinki has a deeper meow than most female cats and it sounds almost like she is moaning at times. She always tells me when she wants to eat or to sit in my lap, which is quite often. She loves opening closets and sleeps on my pillow over my head. Twinki is my alarm clock in the morning! She sits next to my head meows directly in my ear and paws at my hair relentlessly untill I get up; and very punctually too! She is a very happy cat and purrs almost constantly. All the other cats love Twinki and are constantly washing her and she washes them back.
On February 6th, 2007, Twinki layed down in her favorite spot, on the lower shelf of one of our many bookcase and quietly passed away... I so miss my little Twinki so much... My companion for almost 19 beautiful years...

Twinki, shortly after we braught her home from the Animal Shelter,
June 9th, 1990.

Most recent photo of Twinki, April, 2004

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