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Created September 15th 1999

Welcome All!

I’ve created this web ring to tie all us Card Collectors and Dealers together, so that we can trade and buy anime cards of all kinds in order to enhance our collections and to give our sites maximum exposure on the net.

The rules are simple:

1. Your page must contain images or info of Anime Cards.  This can be, but
    is not limited to standard anime trading cards from the USA, Japan or
    anywhere else, anime jumbo cards,  anime phone cards, anime idol cards
    or laminates, pencil boards...  There are endless varieties,  as long as the
    cards depicted or listed on your website are Japanese Anime related.
2. The html fragment must be placed on your Anime Cards page or
    website, not hidden on a links page or a page that has nothing to do
    with the subject at hand.
3.  Your site must be non-browser specific, meaning users of most versions of
     Netscape and Internet Explorer must be able to see it properly.
4. As far as Hentai goes, this will be up to my discretion and judgement at the
    time of your submission. 
5. Have fun! 

Go HERE to join the ring.

Place the navigation bar fragment that you will get when you join on your main Anime Cards page.
Email me when you’re ready and I will then review your site. If everything is in order,  I will add it to the ring.   If there’s a problem, I will let you know why and what the problem is.
Those of you that have dealt with me before know that my email responses are pretty quick.  :)  No more waiting days, weeks or even months to be added to a webring!!!

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