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Cels From My Personal Collection Up For Sale/Offer
I have been collecting cels for about 10 years and most of these cels were purchased in the early days. They are all original production cels. If you have any questions on any of them, please ask.
I have put prices on most of them. If you think that the prices are not to your liking, please feel free to make a reasonable offer of your own. I will accept offers on a first come first serve basis, however trade offers for good Hyper Police cels will take priority.
I will be adding more cels at my leasure, so please don't ask me when.
Also, if you know from which Tenchi series the Tenchi cels are from and/or which episode, I would really appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks! Noriko

Main Cels Page

TV Nuriko & Chichiri - oversized, 3 layers w/extra blank cels inbetween, 3 drawings
Best Offer

Washu04 from original OAVs, 2-layers not stuck, no AIC embossing, no drawing $75

Ryoko18 has AIC embossing, no drawing $75

Fuyu01 Miaka's brother 1 drawing $50

X01 overiszed 14"x9", tiny paint loss to tip of hair, drawing damage best offer

Ars02 key cel, no drawing $150

Ars01 oversized 12"x9" theatrical size from the movie, holes taped on, 1 drawing w/holes taped on $125

Ars03 comes with Copy of original background,
1 drawing best offer

Nuriko & Chichiri from TV series no drawing best reasonable offer

Main Cels Page

Thank you for looking!!!  Arigatou Gozaimashita!!! ありがとうございました!!!   Thank you for looking!!!  Arigatou Gozaimashita!!! ありがとうございました!!!  

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5/27/03 Put up this page of some of my own cels that I am willing to part with. I have had most for a very long time and I'm in the process of prioritizing my collection. If you see something you like, please make me a reasonable offer. I will reply to all emails.
At this time this page is only open to a select handful of people that actually asked me, so I made this page for you. :)

5/29/03 Added 4 more cels to this page and put one on eBay

5/31/03 Opened this page to the general public. Anyone have any HYPER POLICE cels to trade?

10/02/03 Added more cels that I am willing to part with.

10/09/03 I decided to put prices on most of the cels; I know how difficalt it can be to come up with offers...

8/21/04 I've added some of my Fy cels for offer; these are all rare!

This page is dedicated to my own darling little deamon cats; Sushi, Twinki, Yuki, Mochi and Kimchi

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