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All cels are by series,  are in excellent condition, single layer & come with a single un-stuck drawing, except where noted.  Please click on the images to see full-sized versions.

Recent changes made to this page:

06/25/02 -  took mac24 off hold
06/11/02 -  Put mac24 on hold
10/10/01 -  Put mac26 and mac28 on hold

Main Cels Page  Order Form

mac02 mac03

mac02 Ray (key cel) $20

mac03 Ray $20

mac05 Alice Holiday (key cel) $25

m705 mac11

mac06 Akiko $30

m705 Alice Holiday (key cel) $30

mac11 Gamelin $20

mac12 mac16

mac12 Basara (2-layer key cel, drawing of shoulders only) $30

mac16a Mylene $45

mac17 Gamelin $10

mac22 mac24

mac22 Basara (3-layer end cel w/bg, no drawing) $40

mac24 Basara (3-layers key end cel w/bg, no drawing) $40

mac26 Basara (w/bg, no drawing) Sold

mac28 mac30 mac31

mac28 Basara (2-layer end cel, drawing of panel) Sold

mac30 Biker girls (2-key cel layers w/bg, no drawing) $25

mac31 Biker girls (key cel,  no drawing) $26

mac19 mac33 mac34

mac19 Gamelin (copy of concept sketch)  $15

mac33 Ray (3-layer end cel w/bg, some line fading, no drawing) $26

mac34 Ray & Akiko (3-layer end cel w/bg, some line fading, no drawing) $40

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Order Form

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