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In business since 1997 and still going strong in 2006!


Resealable Cel Bags

These are professional grade resealable bags that are normally used to store large magazines and are made of tough archival (acid-free) polypropylene that is a bit thicker than the cel book pages.  These bags will fit snugly in the 11"x14" size cel books and prevent cels from moving around.  (note: in order to insert the bagged cel into your 11”x14” cel book, stand the cel book up so the pages are hanging freely and insert from the top)


               11"x14" with a 1" flap which can fit standard sized
               and some over-sized cels with backgrounds. There is a strip of
               resealable adhesive on the flap of the bag so you can fold
               the flap over to make the bag the size you need.  
               Price per package of 100 is $17.50  --  NO extra postage
(let me know if you plan to seal the bags or if you cut off the flaps)


Black Coloured Professional Presentation Quality Cel Books - Always in Stock!


The bindings are made of a tougher plastic than the cel books that are currently being sold around the net.
These books have a 3/4” wide edge and have 24 pocket pages each, with a black paper insert, which can fit 48 cels/backgrounds.
The pockets are made of clear archival (acid-free) polypropylene.


  Item #IA-12-11    11"x14" size can fit standard sized and some over-sized
                              cels also some backgrounds.  
                              Price is $17.50 -- NO extra postage

  Item #IA-12-12     11"x17" size can fit standard sized and most over-sized
                               cels with backgrounds.  
                               Price is $20.50 -- NO extra postage

  Item #IA-12-14     14"x17" size can fit standard sized and most over-sized
                               cels with backgrounds.  
                               Price is $28.50 -- NO extra postage.

There will be NO extra postage charge if you purchase cels, pencil boards, clear files and other flat goods totalling less than $50 that can fit in the same package along with your cel book.

These price are for delivery in the USA, its territories and APO/FPOs only.  
There will be an additional postage charge added for other destinations.


These books have many uses and can also be used to store fan art,
clear files and many other things.

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