Simon's Phone cards From Japan
Specializing in Japanese Phone Cards.
If there’s a special theme or card you are looking for please ask; I can find it for you!
Great deals on individual and bulk purchases!

click on Anime or Kimonos to see the phonecards

Anime -- Pokemon, Eva, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Ah My Goddess, Sailormoon, Dragonball Z & more!

Pepsi & Coca-Cola
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-- Many different themes! Most cards are half off of Sirius Catalogue!

Star Trek

Movies -- Star Trek, E.T., Casablanca, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Top Gun, 2001, Die Hard, Space Jam & more!

Kimonos -- Geisha, Ukio-e, Regional, Historic, Disney, Fashion, lots more! Kimono

Disney -- Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, Disney Movies, Tokyo Disneyland, Fantalussion, Fantasia & more!

Girls -- Swimsuits, Playboy, Penthouse, Gloria Estaban, Cindy Crawford, Whitney, Japanese Pop Idols & more!


TV Shows -- X-Files, Flinstones, Tiny Toons, Sesame Street, Babylon 5, Popeye, & more!

Actors & Actresses -- Marilyn, Chaplin, Sly Stallone, Princess Di, Harrison Ford,
Audrey Hepburn & more!


Animals -- Pandas, Seals, Kittens, Puppies, Whales, Butterflys, Flowers, Tigers, Dragons, Dolphins & more!

Sports -- Wrestling, Sumou, Baseball, Golf, Racing, Football, Snowboarding, Basketball, Olympics & more!

Michael Jordan
Coca Cola Santa

Holidays -- Coca Cola (My Speciality), Santa Claus, Christmas, Valentines, Chinese Zodiac & more!

Comics & Animation -- Batman, Bugs Bunny, Muttley, Snoopy, Flinstones, X-Men, Hello Kitty & more!


Ask Me About: Coke; Disney; Movies; Actors & Actresses; Military Planes & Tanks; Biplanes; M.Monroe; 1998 Olympics; Star signs; Zebras; Cable Cars(S.F.); Picasso; BMW; Snoopy; Koalas; Churches; Seals; Amer.Flags; Cats/Kittens; Sharon Stone; Owls; Tahiti; Okinawa; Jap.Castles; Dolphins; F-1/F-3; Racing; Jewels/Pearls, Pandas; Dragons; Egypt; Where's Waldo; Peter Rabbit; Mer.Benz; Santa Claus; Whales; Tom & Jerry; Missles; Frogs; Squirrels; Lovers; Dolls; Butterflies,  Bears; Paragliders; Pixies; Waterfalls; Guam; Hot Air Balloons; Holograms,  Sunsets; Fireworks; Motorcycles; Ferrets; Tokyo; NYCity; Volcanoes; Flowers; Lighthouses; Monkeys; Kimono; Budda; SL Trains; McDonalds; Pagodas/Shrines, Beer; Birds; Clowns; Wood Block Prints/Ukiyoe; Switzerland; Swans; BugsBunny; Muttley; Hawaii; Ballet; Ducks; Elephants; Tiny Toons; Samurai; Dinosaurs; Canada; Snowboard/Ski; Tigers; Hongkong; Penguins; AntiqueCars; Kabuki/Noh; Horses; Singapore; Deer; SkyDiving; Dogs/Pups; Geishas; Christmas; Eagles; Snowmen; London; Wrestling; Austrailia; Chinese Zodiac; Yachting; Helicoptors; James Dean; Pianos; Sailing Ships; Bullet Trains; Airplanes; Valentines; Foxes; France; WindMills; Paintings(art) & more!!!


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