Name: Suzu Pink

Type: Volks Yo-SD Suzunna

Arrival: 06/2005

Eyes: 14mm Mystic rose violet pink

Wig: Luts CDW-13 Metalic Pink

Faceup: default

Notes: I still haven't found the perfect eyes for her

Name: Peanut Butter

Type: LeeKeWorld tan Honey set/Elf Special

Arrival: 10/2005 renewed 1/2007

Eyes: 16mm glass lime green from YJ

Wig: LeeKe World L-039_D 144-Caramel

Faceup: by Shina

Notes: Peanutbutter originally had normal ears, then a limited head w/elf ears was offered for x-mas, 2007, so I traded in her old head for it.

Name: Misty

Type: Bambicrony Misty Blue Roko

Arrival: 2/2007

Eyes: 14mm Special glass lt. aqua

Wig: CanCan sp01a aqua blue

Faceup: by me

Notes: the resin on this doll is really a pale aqua blue!