Name: Emma

Type: Volks Unoss Aika

Arrival: 12/2004

Eyes: 16mm #21 blue Enchanted cat

Wig: Souldoll chestnut mohair

Faceup: default, enhanced by me

Notes: Emma is my very favorite of all my bjds; I love her dearly!

Name: Max

Type: CP Vampire Shiwoo

Arrival: 01/2005

Eyes: 16mm old style Souldoll green cat

Wig: Iplehouse black/wine fur

Faceup: by me

Notes: I am not really into "creepy", but Max is just so cool!

Name: W. Amadeus M.

Type: Tensiya Hound v.2

Arrival: 9/2005

Eyes: 16mm old style Enchanted

Wig: Anotherspace gift lightbrown fur

Faceup: default, enhanced by me

Notes: Amadeus is W.A.Mozart as a Vampire...

Name: Kieran

Type: Lovely House ShinCho Elf

Arrival: 11/2005

Eyes: 14mm apple green glass from YJ

Wig: Aziza sage green

Faceup: unknown, enhanced by me

Notes: my very first Lovely House doll; thank you Lolly!

Name: Molly

Type: DollTi Ahz

Arrival: 01/2006

Eyes: 14mm Mystic old hanul blue

Wig: Volks W-98-TT2B129 caramel

Faceup: default

Notes: made by the same artist as the Lovely House dolls

Name: Ashkelon

Type: Lovely House ShinE Elf

Arrival: 02/2006

Eyes: 18mm Mystic Antique C custom

Wig: Sewaddict dark red fur

Faceup: Fusca11

Notes: Ashkelon is my absolute dream doll! I just love his cute face!

Name: Starbuck

Type: Gomidoll Revised Igon on short-leg Iplehouse body

Arrival: 04/2006

Eyes: 16mm Mystic Antique C

Wig: Iplehouse gold/brown fur

Faceup: by me

Name: Andy

Type: CP Limited Elf Shiwoo

Arrival: 05/2006

Eyes: 18mm Mystic new hanul blue

Wig: Orange fur from YJ

Faceup: Luts custom

Notes: Another dream doll! I sent him back to Luts for a new face up.

Name: Mick

Type: Hypermaniac Omicron

Arrival: 07/2006

Eyes: 16mm blue/green glass from YJ

Wig: Volks W-98-TT2B128 Ash

Faceup: default, enhanced by me

Notes: Another dream doll! A birthday gift from Jason!

Name: Lauren

Type: Lovely House ShinB elf on Customhouse body

Arrival: 09/2006

Eyes: 18mm Gum Drops Lavander

Wig: Dollmore purple/blue colour change w/matching eyelashes

Faceup: by Fusca11

Name: Sharon

Type: Lovely House RooA on Customhouse body

Arrival: 10/2006

Eyes: 16mm Silver glass pink

Wig: Luts DW-124 metallic pink

Faceup: by Karin

Notes: Has normal ears, elfs glued

Name: Jorja-An

Type: Hypermaniac Choyangbi

Arrival: 10/2006

Eyes: 18mm Miyabi glass blue

Wig: LeeKe World L-58 #12/144 caramel

Faceup: by me

Notes: Annie is an odd size, between SD & MSD, but wears SD size wig and clothes.

Name: Kian

Type: K-Doll Kian on short-leg Iplehouse body

Arrival: 11/2006

Eyes: 16mm Mystic #22 blue cat

Wig: Cotindoll CW04#39 wine red

Faceup: unknown, enhanced by me

Name: Sara

Type: Hypermaniac Ishta

Arrival: 01/2007

Eyes: 16mm lime green glass from YJ

Wig: Volks W-27-144T camel

Faceup: custom by Hypermaniac

Name: Deidrich

Type: Gomidoll SS Igon on Iplehouse short-leg body

Arrival: 02/2007

Eyes: 16mm Special light green glass

Wig: unknown honey/brown fur wig

Faceup: default

Notes: new eyes on order