3/18/07 - Idyllwild, CA (Omicron & Choyangbi)

Today we decided to drive up to Idyllwild; up in the San Jacinto mountains about 100 mile east of us. Mick and Jorja (Omicron & Choyangbi) came along for the trip. It was really beautful and the weather was great, just perfect for a spring day photoshoot. On the way back we encountered some heavy traffic at the 15 to 91 interchange, but once we cleared it, it was a smooth trip back home.

We're here!

Resting on the roof of the Mustang

I'm too sexy for my hat, I think...

Dig those huge footprints!

A gust of wind distrupts the pretty boy's perfect coif

Help, get me down from here!

Time to go home

So much traffic!

Clear at last...