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episode 14 - Sakura wondering if a warrant on the net is really enough to catch her so called "molester" episode 15 - Natsuki puts handcuffs on Sakura when she sees her cooking for Sakunoshin, thinking that she is going to poison him
episode 16 - Sakura is flying around the house searching for Sakunoshin episode 16 - Sakura has spring fever and is flying around the house praising herself as if she's talking to Sakunoshin
episode 16 - Sakura slams into the Lamp cafe in search of usually missing Sakunoshin episode 16 - After searching for Sakunoshin all day, Sakura finally finds him and "attacks"
episode 17 - Sakura unceremoniously grabs a handful of free toys at the bank for her kids, the non-matching background is of the staircase leading to the holy monk's hideout from episode 12, the correct background should be windows episode 17 - Sakura pulls her gun out when the bank they are at gets hit by the serial bank robber mole
episode 18 - Sakura treats Natsuki & Tommy to lunch while Batanen howls out of frustration on the rooftop of the shrine episode 20 - Sakura hears that the reward money to rescue the government teams from the dome is 10 million and her face lights up

Page One | Page Two | Page Three | Page Four | Page Five | Page Six


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6/02/03 Added some Natsuki cels and some Sakura cels

6/07/03 I am slowly adding episode numbers and discriptions to the cels

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3/17/04 It's been a while since I have done anything to this site, but I do look at it often. Today I've become the ringmistress of The Anime Ring, so I added the ring logo here.

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8/01/04 I won two more chirashi on YJ, so I put up the images the seller had; better ones when Simon sends me the actual chirashi.

7/07/05 Hp stuff is so rare, that I almost missed a chirashi on YJ that I didn't hav, thinking it was a full size poster!

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