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Genma is the lazy, oportunistic, ever-hungry, good-for-nothing, etc., etc., but always loveable father of Ranma of the Japanese television/comic series; Ranma ½.   Normally he appears to be a man in his mid-forties, somewhat over-weight and lacking in hair.  He does have a small, furry problem, though; when doused with cold water he transforms into a Giant Panda.  His problem started  when he decided to take Ranma on a training mission to the cursed springs of Jusenkyo, China.   But, Genma, being as lazy as he is, never bothered to find out what the curse was or learn any Chinese, come to think of it.  Anyway, to make a long story short, he managed to fall into the Spring-Of-Drowned-Panda (Xiong-Mao-Niichuan) and thus his story begins...

He blinks too!

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This Panda page is dedicated to the Great Sage; Sir Reginus Chalancey --
  Even though I only knew you for a short time,  you made a big difference in my life...  And you were always there when I needed a big panda hug. 
I miss you...

I’m searching for any Genma in Panda Form items: Stuffed Animals, Anime Cels, Phonecards and whatever else is available.  Please e-mail me as to what you have and what you want  for it.

It's Genma Panda!
It's another Genma Panda!
It's Panda-Pooh!

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House O’Cards -- Look at My Panda Phonecard Collection!
Do you know that different countries around the world produce Phone Cards with Pandas on them?  Well, come see my collection of Pandas and other Phone Cards!


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