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I vowed not to get a larger doll than the 16 inch (41cm) MSD, but there was something special about the U-Noss doll that I just couldn't put my finger on. Aika and Siena U-Noss by Volks first caught my eye when I was looking at the beautiful Unoa dolls, since they were designed by the same artist and had those similar looks and body that I loved. I wanted to get one, but realized that she was "way too big" for my taste, but I kept going back and looking at her at different sites. But of course I shelved the idea. Then I saw Aika in mint condition with a couple of extra outfits on Yahoo Japan auctions, for less than what Volks had been selling her for (the dolls were discontinued in October of this year) and my fingers mechanicly bid on her... I was somehow still drawn to this doll. Magicly I won this auction... I guess I was meant to have a Unoss; so Aika was mine!

December 13th, 2004 -- My Aika Unoss finally arrived today and I must say that she is stunning! Everything I'd heard about the U-Noss is true; there is no other like her. I gave her green eyes so that they stand out more. I am still waffling about those molded eyelashes. I might just remove the colour and repaint them with a bit more of a feathery look, rather the bold lines that are there now. She looks quite delicate as she is, but this will make her even more so. I also want to make her lips less orange and give her a french manicure, but all in time. The extra dress that she came with is perfect and the cape I baught for her completes the outfit to a tee! I do find her original clothes of so-so quality, though. Her underwear and leggings fall down when she stands up, so I need to buy some new ones. I've named her Emma after one of my favorite actresses, Emma Thompson, cause I think she kind of looks like her.

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