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March 5th, 2004 -- When I first saw the fullsize 15" Kitty Collier doll, I really didn't like the look on her face, but when I saw the Tiny Kitty, the 10" version, I thaught she was really cute, so I baught one and then my husband surprised me with two more. I keep thinking of repainting one of them to make her eyes come alive more, but I think I will experiment on some other dolls first.

My dark haired Kitty is wearing what looks like a Mexican bridal gown with cathidral length mantilla on her head. It belonged to a doll named Ginger from the early 1960's. I baught the dress maybe 15 years ago at an antique shop in Minnesota and I recall modifying it, but I don't remember what it was that I added to it.

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Tiny Kitty Doll Webring
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