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And yet, more experiments

This doll was enough to make you cry! She has gorgeious face paint, with full bright red lips and the narrower, more delicate face of the early #4's. When I got her her hair was chopped and her bangs were sparse. I removed the bangs completly and rooted her hair in a sidepart style, leaving the hair that was still long enough around her head. I added a couple of strands of pink in front for effect. Despite her eyebrows being a bit faint, I did not touch her face paint.

This ashblond #4 ponytail Barbie came to me with a nasty haircut, though her bangs were absolutly lovely, swept to the side. I removed all the hair around her head, leaving the hair at the top that interlaces with the bangs and of course leaving the bangs as they are. I've always wanted a #4 with very long hair, so I rerooted this one to have a thick knee length ponytail. I incorporated the hair that was left at the top into the tail, so it blended in nicely. Her face paint needed some touching up and I repainted her lips and nails red and added a little bit of blush.

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