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LeeKeWorld - Sweet - Page 1

I've wanted Sweet for a long time, but for some reason I kept putting her off. At only 10" tall, she is about the same size as my Keren and Pink, so they can all sit together and "socialize".

August 14th, 2005 -- I've had Sweet for about a month, but I was waiting for her wig and clothes to arrive. The wig is by a gal all the way in Australia, though I add the braided tails and bows myself. She's wearing an Anne Estelle dress which I got off of eBay, but it is a tad large. I am going to sew a couple of ties on the sides at her waist, so that I can tighten it a bit with a bow in the back for a better fit.

I haven't renamed Sweet, cause I think her original name is so cute, cause she really is so sweet!

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