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Tiny Kitty



Alex & Jadde

Ball Joint Dolls

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  updated 3/20/11


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For Sale

Dolls For Sale

All the Ball Joint Doll items are in mint to near mint condition and have been tired on a doll at least once.
All the 1/6th scale dolls are never removed from their boxes
and most boxes are in near mint conditon.
Some of the boxes, however, may have shelf wear or fading, while others have bends in them or yellowed windows (check the photos).
If you wish to purchase a doll, please email me at and please include the following info: Your complete name and address, the doll name and price, your method of payment (cash, check - 10 day hold, money order - postal preferred or Paypal - non-credit card transaction)
I will get back to you with a total and my mailing address or Paypal email within 48 hours.

Ball Joint Doll Items

Coming Soon

Anime Dolls

Card Captor SakuraSakura
Kaitou St. TailSister Seira
Kamikazi Kaitou JeanneChiaki
Kiki's Delivery ServiceKiki
Magic Knight RayearthHikaru
Rurouni KenshinHimura Kenshin himself
Tenchi MuyoAeka
Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen)Sakura & Lee
Slayersfrom Italy, Lina, Amelia & Zeno (Rezo)

Barbie Dolls

AmericanDepartment Store specials from the 1980's &90's
EuropeanDress Me, On the Go & assorted Fashion Plays
JapaneseBanDai and MaBa Brands

Jenny & Licca Dolls

Jenny - 1980'sJenny & Elie
Jenny & Licca - 1990'sJenny & Licca


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