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The Narindoll head, face and eye mechanism are like no other.

Here you see the face plate, eye mechanism and teeth plate. The eyes are attached to the mechanism with a dot of tacky material. One of the eye slots has a piece of metal or a magnet on it and the eyes can be moved from side to side with the doll's left thumb.

The face plate fits in a groove under the chin in the head and is kept on with a magnet found at the top center of head. There is a sponge in the back of the head which is designed to hold a few drops of fragrence.

The back of the head has a small hole where the fragrence drops can be applied.

And this is how the teeth and the eye mechanism fit into the face plate. It's attached with a tiny bit of tacky stuff on each side.

I know, looks a tad creepy, but he's so cute once he's assembled... Hey, the inside of your head would look a little "odd" if it was desplayed out on the table like this too. :)

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