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Narindoll is out of Korea. Many people used to and maybe still do think that the artist, Bimong, copied the U-Noa doll, but as I get to know my Narindolls, that I've named Drew and Meg, I find that the only similarity is the size and quality.
Update 10/02/04 - Recently these dolls have grown in popularity, so I've made a database for Narindoll owners.
Please click here to register your dolls: Narindoll Database

November 17th, 2004 -- Drew (Narin) is ready! Jason had gotten him for me on eBay and since he was able to pay with Paypal (Narindoll, the company, doesn't accept Paypal) and the fact that the package arrived from a local address within two days, we suspect that the artist, just happened to be visiting in the states at the time. I was very lucky that the doll arrived in record time, since we were leaving on vacation only 3 days later on September 24th.
Here he is playing his guitar; yeah, I know, he looks a tad cross-eyed in this photo, but I have since adjusted his eyes, so he looks fine now. His pants are by Ajumapama and his jacket and Ugg style boots are by Dollmore; both from Korea, just like him. I made the shirt out of a halloween glove and the wig he is wearing is by U-Noa and is really meant for his sister. Drew's shorter, more orderly wig I've won on Yahoo Japan and it's currently in transit.

December 14th, 2004 -- Narae arrived last week and of course she's my Meg, named after my very favorite actress; Meg Ryan. I styled the wig that Drew was wearing a bit and put that on her and Drew got his new wig today also. I am very pleased with Meg's face; I can't believe I got her eyebrows perfect. Though I think I need to work on the lips somemore, plus I redid Drew's lips and they look way too pale.
The broher and sister have been united at last; I will take more photos soon.

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