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Emma, my Unoss seemed lonely all alone on her shelf, so I thought I'd get her a boyfriend. None of the male dolls of her size appealed to me, that is until I saw the Vampires by CP on Luts's page. The one that really caught my eye was the Shiwoo Dreaming Vampire, so I just baught his head. I figrued, I woild customize him by opening his eyes a bit and painting him. I wanted to see if I could do it and if I was successful, I would buy him a body. After three weeks of waiting, an opportunity to get him a body arose, since by then Luts was sold out of the bodies for the season, so I went for it. It took him just about a month to get here, but the wait was worth it! Amazingly, both the head and bod arrived at the same time!

January 21st, 2005 -- Max is here, Max is here! I name him after my Grandfather that perished in WWII and cause I like the name and it fits. I spent the whole afternoon modifying and painting him up. I am not completly satesfied with his eyebrows and lips, but for now he looks totally cool!!! I used 16mm eyes, instead of the normal 18mm, cause I didn't want the iris to take up the whole eyes socket. BTW, the eyes are cat eyes from SoulDoll. I am so pleased and my fear of failure with him was for naught... Hopefully next week, Simon will be mailing me the clothes I won for Max on YJ last month, but in the mean time, Emma has loned him an outfit of hers, which makes him look so retro 60's with that turtle neck! Oh and the awsome wig is by Aziza.

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