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Doll gatherings or meets, as some call them, are great fun, cause I got to meet other collectors and see their different dolls in person, plus I get to show off my dolls. Many of the dolls that I've seen thus far, are stunning, while others are your basic simple dolls, but all are beautiful and their owners love them like they are precious children.

March 6th, 2005 -- This is the very first doll gathering I've ever attended. It was at Pam's house in El Cjon (just northeast of San Diego). I'm really glad that the gathering was at a private house, cause I wasn't ready to show off my dolls with a bunch of people in a public place. Pam was a wonderful hostess, all the dolls were lovely and I had a great time meeting everyone. I braught Drew and Meg (Narin and Narae by Narindoll) and Emma & Max (modified Unoss Aika and CP modified dreaming Vampire Shiwoo)



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