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  updated 3/20/11


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Ball Joint Dolls

Ball Joint Dolls, or BJDs as they are more commonly knowns as, mostly come from Japan or Korea. They are made of resin, but I have seen a handful made of vinyl or plastic. BJD collectors are special people; unlike any other doll collectors. I don't know how to explain it... Maybe someday...


November 30, 2005 -- My doll family and Kimchi Cat

Volks Mini Super Dollfie Nashia -- Natsuki
She's a young Natsuki Catgirl from Hyper Police
updated 8/15/05

Cereberus Project Elf Ttory -- Batanen
He's a young Batanen Werewolf from Hyper Police

Narindoll Narin & Narae -- Drew & Meg
updated 9/03/05

Alchemic Lab U-Noa Lusis & Systh-- Luci & Sandi
updated 8/7/05

Volks U-Noss Aika -- Emma
updated 8/6/05

Cereberus Project Vampire Shiwoo -- Max
updated 7/25/05

Cereberus Project Elf Ani -- Leeron & Windy
updated 8/03/05

LTLine Anne -- Keren

Volks Yo-SD Suzuna -- Suzu Pink
updated 7/26/05

LeeKeWorld Sweet
updated 8/14/05

Blue Fairy Pocket Fairy Mini May, Yoko & Choco -- Maya, Sue & Tommy
Coming soon - Maya, Sue & Tommy - have them now, will take photos soon

Doll Gatherings
These are photos from doll gatherings or meetings that some of my dolls and I have attended
El Cajon at Pam's, March 6th, 2005
El Cahon at Pam's, June 25th, 2005
Anime Expo, Anaheim, Ca, July 1st & 2nd, 2005
Oceanside Coco's, September 24th, 2005

u-noss & u-noa ring
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