Do you have a family like this too?  Well, we all know how much they love their money!  So, watch them dance to their “favorite” tune; Pinkas Floydovski’s “Gelt!”

Come to hell, win valuable prizes and give them to me.
You want me to give you what?!
Yes of course I dress like this all the time!
You want me to spend my own money!  Ha!
I play favorites
I've always wanted to be green!
Did you say something?
Here's $20, kid, go buy yourself a car
call me witchy-poo Actually I should be a scarecrow I have no brain I have a flask of Schnapps under my clothes
one drink and I'm asleep on the subway Like my hair? I get it corn-rowed every week What you mean I have nothing to talk about Okay, I'm shallow...
Want me to examine you?
Trust me, I'm a doctor was a doctor that is Mengale?  Yes we were good friends
Lies, all lies!
pay me first, just in case How much do I want? Just give me your account number, I'll take care of it.
Wanna listen to one of my long boring lectures?
I can argue about anything you like you just have to aggree with everything I say
I will have a tantrum if you don't listen Here, just put your money in the donations dish a few thousand is fine
Staying a Jew, staying a Jew!
Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy, staying a Jew, staying a Jew
Matzoh, Matzoh, Matzoh Mann
Come oh you faithful Come visit my church for passover
I bake nice rock hard cookies
My mother thaught me
Mo' Money!
I just wanna have fun with your money
I only married her so I can have her money too
Hop, hop, hop, I'm so cute, eh?
I only married her so I can have her money too
My foot bone connected to my... uh...
I'm so intelligent, look at me dance
I wasn't listening
I can't hear you
Look at all that money you can't have!
I love the heat down here
I am the devil who made you do it
You must lsiten to my boring lecture, I demand it!
I'm pink, I'm unique!
This is my handle this is my spout
I 'm a little teapot short and stout
I have a zillion grandkids; a true population explosion
Are you talking to me?
I am a witch I always have been a witch They burried me in this outfit even I insisted on black
they had to make the coffin extra long to fit my hat You think that perhaps my head is pointed? Don't I look like the Wicked Witch of the North? like my socks? They were free! I give cheap garage sale toys
No the horns are not plastic
Yes, the tail is attached okay, okay, the beard is fake Stingy?  Moowaaa???!!!
I'm not giving you a penny
go beg on the street no you may not touch my pitchfork! May you rot in hell; look at me!
This is my true form
I am right and you are wrong I will stay at your house for free
Most people put wax on their wiskers, mine are natural
Yes there is a brain in here You'll have to pay me to see it
Do I look religous or something?!
I just like dressing in balck and white
makes me feel like a penguin
No I'm not listening I only hear what I want to hear
Did you say something?
have a nice day!
lots more money!
Schanpps for me please
I ahve all your money, wanna come see?
Pink is my favorite colour.
Hippity Hop, gimme gimme gimme!
I need a drink...
I'm having trouble picking the bunny out of the line up
Wanna go shopping, you can pay
I am the Wirgin Mary
Gelt ist gut!


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