Back in early 1999 the hottest craze on the internet were these totally useless pages featuring animated characters dancing accross your screen to some barely recognizable tune. The dance that started it all was called Hampsterdance.
Here are some of my own versions that I made back then.
Have fun!  :) 

Snoopy Dance Snoopy and Woodstock by the famous
                      Charles M. Schultz

Panda Dance featuring my own animations of Panda

Tenchi Dance   animations Iíve created based on characters
                      from the popular anime Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki

Neon Genesis Evangelion Dance I originally made this for a friend of mine in
                England, but he has since died of CF at only 21,
                so I dedicated the page to him

Kimidance I made this dance by request for someone's
                  Shetland Sheepdog

Mishpoo'che Tanz My Dad's side of the family


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All animations are copyright May 1st 1999 by me